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10/02/2022 ~ "Forgiveness in Christ" ~ Luke 17:1–10 ~ Rev. Terry Baughman
Forgive - because they need it, and you need it. Because in and through you, our Savior is working.

9/25/2022 ~ "Enough is Enough" ~ Luke 16:19-31 ~ Rev. Terry Baughman
We often try to add to the Word of God. We want to conform it to our needs or want it to say what we want to hear. Today, we dive into Luke 16:19-31 and are reminded the Word of God is enough. Enough is enough!

9/18/2022 ~ "Pour Me Out" ~ Luke 16:1-15 ~ Rev. Terry Baughman
How would the way we do things change, if the person in need was God Himself?

9/11/2022 ~ "What is Lost is Found" ~ Luke 15:1-10 ~ Rev. Michael DeVries
Jesus seeks out the lost sheep in order to return them to the flock. You can, too.

8/28/2022 ~ "The Pride Factor" ~ Luke 14:1-14 ~ Rev. Terry Baughman
Even though we come with nothing to give, only to receive, He doesn't push us away. He moves us from the lowest to the highest seat, knowing that it was "Me On Your Mind". Luke 14:1-14

8/21/2022 ~ "Strive for the Narrow Door" ~ Luke 13:22-30 ~ Rev. Terry Baughman
Ever truly read Luke 13:24, especially the first part? One sentence; seven words; so much to think about.
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8/12/2022 ~ "Redeemed... New... Christ's" ~ Mark 7:14-23 ~ Rev. Terry Baughman
We are not identified as 'Clunkers', but as redeemed, new in Christ.

8/7/2022 ~ "Life in Hakuna Matata" ~ Luke 12:22-34 ~ Rev. Terry Baughman
They say pastors preach to themselves. Well - it is true! "Fear not, little flock, for it is your Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom...For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also." Such a great motto to live by.

7/31/2022 ~ "Do We Love the Gift More Than the Giver?" ~ John 6:22-35 ~ Rev. Terry Baughman
We can learn a lot from the events following the feeding of the five thousand. In this service, we look at how we respond to the Bread of Life, the Giver of the ultimate gift, given for us.

7/24/2022 ~ "Come To Me... I Will Give You Rest." ~ Matthew 11:25-30 ~ Rev. Terry Baughman
Burdens ... We all have them. They become stresses, worries, and struggles in our lives. Jesus is calling us to come to him. He's got them. He is God and we are not - so rest.

7/17/2022 ~ "At the Feet of Jesus" ~ Luke 10:38-42 ~ Rev. Terry Baughman
We hear the account of Mary and Martha. We see how the two women responded to Jesus's arrival. Our response in this messy, busy world? Why not come and sit at the feet of Jesus and listen?

7/10/2022 ~ "Serve Like Jesus" ~ Luke 10:25-37 ~ Rev. Terry Baughman
Learning to serve is tough. In Luke 10, the lawyer asked, "What shall I do do..." Jesus teaches what it means to love God and love our neighbor and then he reminded the lawyer and us, "Go, and do likewise."

7/3/2022 ~ "Keep Moving Along" ~ Luke 10:1-20 ~ Rev. Terry Baughman
God is sending each one of us along with the 72 and the multitude of believers of his church, to bring the kingdom of God to others.
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6/26/2022 ~ "Drop Everything" ~ Luke 9:51-62 ~ Rev. Terry Baughman
So many times we read this Gospel and not fully understand what is being said. Luke 9:51-62 shares Christ's commitment to us.

6/19/2022 ~ "Free in Christ" ~ Luke 8:26-39 ~ Rev. Terry Baughman
Today, we hear of a man possessed by demons. Jesus comes. Jesus speaks. The demons left. And what does Jesus wants him to do? Go and declare how much God has done for him. And you?

6/12/2022 ~ Trinity Sunday ~ John 8:48-59 ~ Rev. Terry Baughman
Jesus told the Jews, "Truly, truly, I say to you, before Abraham was, I am." This sentence says more than most might think. It is a great reminder of I AM, who is and always will be.

6/5/2022 ~ "Pentecost" ~ Acts 2:1-21 ~ Rev. Terry Baughman
We received the gift of the Holy Spirit through our heavenly Father and the Holy Spirit works in us and through us. In fact, the Holy Spirit takes an empty vessel and makes it sing.

5/29/2022 ~ "Remember God's Promised Land" ~ Deuteronomy 34:1-12 ~ Rev. Terry Baughman
When Moses's life was close to the end, God still showed him the promises that He made. Instead of looking back at everything, Moses looked forward!

5/25/2022 ~ "Remember God’s Word" ~ Devotional ~ Rev. Terry Baughman
Use His words to shape your habits, thoughts, and words. In doing so, you will connect people to Christ, the source of life.

5/22/2022 ~ "Remember God's Word" ~ Deuteronomy 30:11-20 ~ Rev. Terry Baughman
Remember, Listen, and Live God's Word. His Word dwells in you richly.

5/18/2022 ~ "Firstfruits" ~ Devotional ~ Rev. Terry Baughman
Give back to the Lord by sharing God's love with others in order to express your appreciation for everything He has done for you.

5/15/2022 ~ "Remember God's Gifts" ~ Deuteronomy 26:1-11 ~ Rev. Terry Baughman
Moses reminds the Israelites of all the gifts God has given. In response, they are to give their firstfruits. Good reminder to all of us. Look back and remember God's gifts!

5/11/2022 ~ "Reflections" ~ Devotional ~ Rev. Terry Baughman
Sometimes summer schedules make it difficult to attend worship on Sundays, but we are still to continue reflecting on God's word. Starting June 1st, Crown of Life is offering a midweek worship opportunity every Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. through the summer. All are welcome - come as you are!

5/8/2022 ~ "Remember God's Prophet" ~ Deuteronomy 18:15-22 ~ Rev. Terry Baughman
When the world puts Jerichos in your life, we are reminded to keep calm and listen to the love-filled words of our Savior.

5/4/2022 ~ "Treasured Possession" ~ Devotional ~ Rev. Terry Baughman
God does amazing things for 'nobodies.' Jesus humbled himself as a nobody and because of this, you are not a nobody anymore! You are SOMEBODY who is loved by our Lord.

5/1/2022 ~ "Remember God's Love" ~ Deuteronomy 7:6-11 ~ Rev. Terry Baughman
How amazing it is to remember that we are God's treasured possessions. We are valuable because we are loved.

4/27/2022 ~ "The Lord Alone" ~ Devotional ~ Rev. Terry Baughman
The secular world tells us the things surrounding us are our god. Do you believe this?

4/24/2022 ~ "Remember God's Plan" ~ Deuteronomy 6:1-4 ~ Rev. Terry Baughman
Secular culture wants us to deitize the things around us, to make them our god. But God has a plan for us and it all goes back to Him, to God alone.

4/20/2022 ~ "What a Week" ~ Devotional ~ Rev. Terry Baughman
Last week was an amazing week of mixed emotions. Thank you to everyone who helped make it special. Our upcoming sermon series is about remembering who God is.

4/17/2022 ~ "What Are You Looking For" ~ Luke 24:1-12 ~ Rev. Terry Baughman
“Why do you seek the living among the dead?" Luke 24:5

4/13/2022 ~ "Holy Week" ~ Devotional ~ Rev. Terry Baughman
Victory is ours; remembering what Jesus has done and won for us.

4/10/2022 ~ Palm Sunday ~ John 12:12-19 ~ Rev. Terry Baughman
We all heard the Palm Sunday story many times and celebrate with the people. We wave palm branches and shout, "Hosanna!" But we tend to forget the most important part - the donkey.

4/3/2022 ~ "See Yourself in the Story" ~ Luke 20:9-20 ~ Rev. Terry Baughman
We can see ourselves in many scenarios in movies and tv shows. But after reading Luke 20:9-20, how do you fit into the story?

3/30/2022 ~ "Trust" ~ Devotional ~ Rev. Terry Baughman
Trust that God is establishing your steps.

3/27/2022 ~ "Preparing for the Real Meaning of Easter" ~ Luke 15:1-3, 11-32 ~ Rev. Thomas Fischer
We can share Jesus beyond the walls by connecting with people through prayer and hospitality.

3/23/2022 ~ "What do you see?" ~ Devotional ~ Rev. Terry Baughman
Jesus feeds us, waters us, and cares for us so we can produce good fruits.

3/20/2022 ~ "The Parable of the Fig Tree" ~ Luke 13:1-9 ~ Rev. Terry Baughman
This is not an easy part of scripture to hear. We tend to read it through eyes of "this really isn't about me" ... well ... it is!

3/16/2022 ~ "Why" ~ Devotional ~ Rev. Terry Baughman
God wants us closer to Him and to rely on Him. When questioning "why," we mustn't take our focus off of Him.

3/13/2022 ~ "Jesus Laments over Jerusalem" ~ Luke 13:31-35 ~ Rev. Terry Baughman
Ever feel like a little, fuzzy, yellow chick? What a joy it is to know that we can be safe under the wings of our heavenly Father.

3/9/2022 ~ "Jesus Laments for Jerusalem" ~ Devotional ~ Rev. Terry Baughman
Our Savior laments over us because he wants us to be saved.

3/6/2022 ~ "Temptation" ~ Luke 4:1-13 ~ Rev. Terry Baughman
"The devil made me do it." Remember that phrase? In fact, the devil did not make you do it. I do it myself, but I don't want to admit it. Diving into the temptation of Jesus in the wilderness. "But for us fights the valiant One, whom God Himself elected." (LSB 656, v. 2) In Christ, we overcome and obtain the victory.

3/2/2022 ~ "Dust Bunnies" ~ Devotional ~ Rev. Terry Baughman
Ash Wednesday is an opportunity to confess the dirtiness in our lives, then work on turning our lives around and getting closer to God.

03/2/2022 ~ Ash Wednesday ~ Matthew 6:1-6, 19-21 ~ Rev. Terry Baughman
Return to the Lord!

2/23/2022 ~ "Love Your Enemies" ~ Devotional ~ Rev. Terry Baughman
Pray for, bless, and love those who exploit your weaknesses. Loving your enemy is easier said than done. But thankfully, we have a perfect example to imitate.

2/20/2022 ~ "Love Your Enemies" ~ Luke 6:27-38 ~ Rev. Terry Baughman
God desires all people to be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth. This includes those we call enemies. Diving into a hard topic and one that cuts to the heart.

2/16/2022 ~ "Love Your Enemy" ~ Devotional ~ Rev. Terry Baughman
God calls us to love and pray for those who persecute us, just as Jesus did.

2/13/2022 ~ "All-Surpassing Savior" ~ 2 Corinthians 4:4-9 ~ Rev. Randy Duncan
So powerful and amazing to know that we have an All-Surpassing Savior!

2/9/2022 ~ "Right time, Right place" ~ Devotional ~ Rev. Terry Baughman
God places us in situations for a reason. Be sure to share Jesus wherever you go.

2/6/2022 ~ "Fishers of Men" ~ Luke 5:1-11 ~ Rev. Chris Jung
Church (boat) + Word of God (net) = Disciples (fish)

2/2/2022 ~ "Where Do We Go From Here?" ~ Devotional ~ Rev. Terry Baughman
God first loved people, so that we can, too.

1/30/2022 ~ "I've Been Meaning To Ask - Where Do We Go From Here" ~ 1 Corinthians 12:31-13:13 ~ Rev. Terry Baughman
Jesus loves me! What an incredible message. There is nothing like the love of God, but that love is not static. This is love in action! Where do we go from here? The same...Love in action.

1/25/2022 ~ "What Do You Need" ~ Devotional ~ Rev. Terry Baughman
In some difficult situations, people might need physical things or help accomplishing a task, but in other situations, people may need something even more basic. They might need you to just BE THERE for them - not offer advice, nor try to fix them - but rather engage in the simple ministry of presence.

1/23/2022 ~ "I've Been Meaning To Ask - What Do You Need" ~ Job 2:11-13 ~ Rev. Terry Baughman
What do you need? Many times, it doesn't even take words or advice to help someone. Rather, just being in the moment, and engaging in the ministry of presence.

1/19/2022 ~ "Where Does It Hurt?" ~ Devotional ~ Rev. Terry Baughman
We are never alone, even when it hurts.

1/16/2022 ~ "Where Does It Hurt?" ~ 1 Samuel 1 ~ Rev. Terry Baughman
1 Samuel 1 is not a chapter that many look at, but we can learn a lot from Hannah while we ask the question, where does it hurt?

1/12/2022 ~ "Sharing Jesus" ~ Devotional ~ Rev. Terry Baughman
We encourage you to reach out to someone in your life and listen to their story. Your job is not to fix them or save them - just to love them, the way Jesus loves them.

1/9/2022 ~ "I've Been Meaning To Ask - Where are You From?" ~ Genesis 2:4-15 ~ Rev. Terry Baughman
How can we make an impact for Jesus in this world? It is as simple as listening to a person's story - as simple as asking, "where are you from?"

1/5/2022 ~ "God Is With Us" ~ Devotional ~ Rev. Terry Baughman
How amazing it is that we have Immanuel!

01/02/2022 ~ "Look to the Son" ~ Luke 2:40-52 ~ Rev. Terry Baughman
When you leave church on Sunday, don't leave Jesus behind.