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1/12/2022 ~ "Sharing Jesus" ~ Devotional ~ Rev. Terry Baughman
We encourage you to reach out to someone in your life and listen to their story. Your job is not to fix them or save them - just to love them, the way Jesus loves them.

1/9/2022 ~ "I've Been Meaning To Ask - Where are You From?" ~ Genesis 2:4-15 ~ Rev. Terry Baughman
How can we make an impact for Jesus in this world? It is as simple as listening to a person's story - as simple as asking, "where are you from?"

1/5/2022 ~ "God Is With Us" ~ Devotional ~ Rev. Terry Baughman
How amazing it is that we have Immanuel!

01/02/2022 ~ "Look to the Son" ~ Luke 2:40-52 ~ Rev. Terry Baughman
When you leave church on Sunday, don't leave Jesus behind.