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1/29/2022 ~ "Our Map" ~ Romans 12:9-16 ~ Rev. Terry Baughman
The Strategic Plan - Our Map. We belong and we become, so we can bring and bless the world.

1/22/2022 ~ "Our Mission" ~ Romans 8:28-39 ~ Rev. Terry Baughman
Our Mission ... Connecting People to Christ, the Source of Life.

1/15/2022 ~ "Our Motives" ~ Romans 1:8-17 ~ Rev. Terry Baughman
Love God ... Love People ... Do Stuff! It takes faith. Faith in our God will build His Church. We continue with our sermon series, diving into our mandate. Looking at not just those inside the church, but also those on the outside.

1/8/2022 ~ "Our Mandate" ~ Romans 12:1-2 ~ Rev. Terry Baughman
A great commitment to the great commandment and the great commission builds a great church!